Snow Angels

“O’Lord, I know You hear my cry.
Your love is lifting me above all the lies.
No matter what I face this I know in time.
You’ll take all that is wrong and make it right.”

– Lauren Daigle, O’Lord


It’s funny how God’s timing works. Have you ever tried telling God your plans? Have you ever told him, “Hey, this is how I’m going to do it,” and then He looks down at you and laughs? I can imagine God sitting in heaven shaking his head, crinkles around his eyes just thinking to himself, “Oh, just you wait.”

When I came home after the summer, I had everything planned out. I was learning to trust God, but I was still trying to take control. I had given my future to Him, but there were other parts of my life I was still gripping with no intentions of letting go. I had decided that this school year was going to be smooth, a time to focus on myself and my friends and nothing more. Funny how life never goes as we expect right?


The past few weeks I made many little discoveries in my faith. I realized that prayers must be demanded, not halfhearted hopes laced with doubt. I realized that God hears every cry, but not everything is instantaneous as we would hope it to be. God works in His own time and we must respect it. I learned that you can’t surrender the big parts of life without surrendering the little ones first. And, I have learned to be careful what you pray for because it will be answered.


Some of my little discoveries occurred when discussing new plans for the house. I was asked what I wanted in my new room when the house is built. My old room had been my dream, so I didn’t really know. After hours of brainstorming, I came up with one simple request: a nook. I wanted a place to sit and read that was cozy and private. However, this request was turned down. I was so frustrated that the one piece of input I had couldn’t be included. I had forgotten to consider that this house couldn’t be expensive. Money is tight and extra costs aren’t welcome.

A few days later, I was at a Bible study. It was said, “Prayer requires full faith.” If an ankle is injured, it does no good to say, “God, I hope this ankle will heal.” It shows a lack of faith in what God can do and in the powers Jesus had that the Holy Spirit enables us to use. Prayer is a demand. Saying, “I command this ankle to heal, in Jesus’ name,” does something. It channels the gifts of Jesus and displays an undying faith in the power of three simple words: in Jesus’ name.

Prayer is the tool to creating miracles. God hears the cries of the needy. He heard my family and He heard me. This past week we received news that our new house has had air conditioning machines, high tech exhaust fans, spray foam insulation, and plywood donated at no charge by various companies who merely wanted to help.


Do you ever lose your wallet and search for hours trying to find it and eventually give up? Then, about ten minutes later you find it when you aren’t looking for it anymore? My other discoveries showed me that God works the same way.

Like I mentioned earlier, I had everything planned out. I was going to finish the season of high school without a scrape and get on with life. I had told God I was ready for an adventure after graduation, but I have been trying to control every little detail leading up to it.

I met a person who is very quickly changing the direction of where I thought I was going. I thought I had surrendered to God, when in reality I had just told Him my plan. God decided to say, “Haha nope. I’m going to take you down the scenic route of life instead.”

After meeting this person, I began to pray. I prayed for peace and guidance for the both of us, but also signs for the right path. I asked that I be shown if I was heading in the right direction. Without fail, signs began to appear everywhere.

With these answered prayers, I began to realize I was growing. I was beginning to surrender over the little parts of life that I had never considered a shared relationship between me and Christ. But, in reality, everything is shared. That’s what makes it so intimate. The little parts of life are what lead to the big life-altering moments in our testimonies. We simply don’t have the luxury of seeing how it will add up beforehand.


Today, it was almost seventy degrees. Two days ago, Houston was layered in a sparkling blanket of snow. God is a man of creativity, making beauty out of the dust. I urge you to remember these things. I urge you to pray with full faith and to entrust Him with the little things. I urge you to stop trying to control a plan when God has one that’s infinitely greater. I urge you to be careful what you pray for, because it will happen whether you were expecting it to or not. Lastly, I urge you to start paying attention when He shows you where He wants you to go. If He can create a scene of picturesque wonder out of  place still wracked by so much mourning, God can send you on a path only available if you’re willing to let Him walk beside you.


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